The Staytite Group

Founded on the 15th June 1978, Staytite’s core aim was to bring engineering advantages to the fastener market.  The initial product launched was the Staytite nut, an all-metal alternative to traditional locking nuts.  This was followed by the introduction of Barb & Carp nuts, fasteners that were designed to reduce cost and save time by uniting washer and nut into one encapsulated unit.  The product range continued to grow with the addition of SEMs screws, and expands to this day, to support the demands of our manufacturing customers.

Staytite successfully introduced the Japanese made Hardlock Nut into the UK market.  Extensive use of this nut in safety critical application have made its use standard across many applications including rail.

Moving into larger premises in 1994 and then again in 2000 allowed for increased stock holding and expanded product ranges.

2005 Staytite purchases and builds bespoke headquarters to increase capacity and meet customer demand.

2009 Staytite opens a warehouse in Hong Kong to facilitate sales into the Far East and the Americas.

2009 Staytite purchased Andover based fastener company Portafix Ltd.

2015 Staytite opens a China logistics hub in the Free-Trade Zone of Shanghai.

2018 Portafix moves into new, larger premises to increase its storage capacity.

2022 Staytite opens branch in Pinxton to support Midland and Northern UK manufacturing.

2022 Logistics facility opened in the Jebel Ali Free Zone of Dubai to support local and Indian manufacturing.

2024 Staytite relocates Midland & North base from Pinxton to larger facility in Nottingham

Key Abilities Include:

  • Logistics & supply chain services
  • Sourcing of fasteners, C class components, consumables and PPE
  • Implementation of Stock Management Systems (DLF, JIT)
  • Vending machines & Industry 4.0 Smart Racking
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Engineered solutions
  • Application of fasteners in production processes
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
  • Testing of products offering full batch traceability
  • Portafix: AS (Aerospace) Certified


Staytite has relocated its northern premises from Pinxton to a larger property in Nottingham to accomodate recent growth and prepare for future expansion.

Growth has been forecast for 2024.